Giants should bounce back from the Denver loss tonight

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30 Years Ago–January 23, 1993

A preliminary budget calling for $7.9 million in general fund expenditures has been presented by Bob Griffith, county auditor and budget officer. General fund revenues for 1993 are expected to be the same as expenditures, $7.9 million. Last years budget...

15 Years Ago–January 23, 2008

The Landmark exclusively can report a motion to terminate the employment of Keith Moody, longtime city administrator, was approved by a majority of the Platte City Board of Aldermen Tuesday night. The decision to fire Moody was made on a...

Rapid fire

Rapid fire

Apparently, I've been working too hard because all I've done in two days of vacation have slept. Also, mediocrity is rewarded. My proof? Carl Cheffers has been named the head referee for the Super Bowl. I guess if you throw...

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