George Edward Weigel

George Edward Weigel

George Edward Weigel is a freelance writer and published author specializing in organic gardening strategies to incorporate natural and biodiversity concepts without using any dangerous chemicals. He has grown gardens of all kinds and has studied and experimented in garden methods with a focus on high outputs without depleting the earth's resources or polluting its environment.

Weigel lives in the Northland and always looks forward to spring to get started on planting and all through the summer harvesting the bounty. He studied nutrition and worked in the medical field for many years before retiring from the American Academy of Family Physicians. He believes you should protect your health by living an active lifestyle and eating natural foods for vitamin and mineral benefits.

Weigel recognizes the need for people to be able to grow their own food for cost and safety and to be sure they are getting the most nutrition their garden. It's vital to choose foods with integrity, fresh, natural and unadulterated produce is best. Fresh from the garden always trumps weeks of storage and transit from great distances. The purpose of writing books and this column is to enable people to grow their own fresh and healthy food, beautiful flower beds, etc. He likes to share years of tried and true methods, knowledge and experience.

He feels gardening is something to enjoy, and is not only great physically, but mentally as well.

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