Hearne Christopher

Hearne Christopher

Hearne Christopher is a communications executive who logged six years with the United States Navy. Later he became a gossip meister and columnist for the Kansas City Star, and for 16 years he offered up a verbal buffet of sports gossip, media tidbits, social fluff and news stories, some of which broke out of his column in the FYI section and ended up on page one of the newspaper.

He was a senior vice president with a local commodities and securities company, a New York Stock Exchange financial principle.

Hearne was born at Saint Luke's Hospital in KC, graduated from an all-boys prep school in Tucson, attended the University of Arizona, worked to help elect Richard Nixon and then voted for Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Obama and Donald Trump.

...Go figure...

These days you'll find him selling BMWs and VWs in the wilds of Topeka, Kansas, while pursuing truth, justice and the American way at KC Confidential and the Platte County Landmark.