The 2022 Season of Landmark Pick’em Starts this Week

The first week of the NFL season is here and that means it is time to make your Week 1 picks for the 2022 season of The Landmark Pick’em.


Our 2022 sponsors have grown from three to six sponsors including gift cards from Stone Canyon Pizza, Nick and Jakes, The Alley at the American Legion in Parkville, and Ten and Two Coffee in Parkville (and perhaps more as the season progresses).   

We’ve also fully implemented our micro leagues for players who want to participate in multiple sub-leagues and easily compete with a group of friends / co-workers and engage in the obligatory smack-talking (at Landmark Pick’em we fully support pointing out your friends poor Pick’em choices so that they can learn to become better… or perhaps thicker skinned).


How-to:  For those who need a refresher on how to participate, see below on how to get started “in 3 simple steps”.


Rules refresher:  The player who wins the week is the player who accurately predicts the most correct head-to-head winners for the week. If one or more players share the same head-to-head score for a week, the week’s win will be awarded to the player with the highest total number of tie-breaking points for the week.


Remember: Tie-breaking points are awarded to players if 1) their pick wins “against the spread” or 2) for each correct over/under pick. Choosing the over/under for a game is optional, but we encourage it to give you an edge in any tie-breaker scenarios.


That’s it for now.  Good luck to everyone this season (except for Foley, it would be best for him to consistently lose and learn some humility).


Get started in 3 simple steps

Head to Your Picks at a Glance to view the choices for upcoming weeks.  There you can view the status of your picks week by week and make changes to your picks in any upcoming weeks.

Show off your sports wisdom by making your selection of winners for the upcoming games.

You can do this from the Your Picks at a Glance or the Make Your Picks Page.

As the week progresses and games complete, scores will be updated and the Week’s Winner declared.

You can view your picks and all players picks at Results by Week

Additional Improvements are Coming!

Tech Guy Schneider enhancing our league functionality to over the next  few weeks giving you the ability to create and manage your own mini-league and invite your friends via custom QR codes.