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North Platte establishes
early resignation policy

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

With many school districts across the state as well as the nation experiencing teacher shortages, the North Platte School Board recently discussed the implementation of an early resignation policy for its teachers.

According to Dr. Francis Moran, superintendent, the district's policy will state that if an individual resigns before April 1, a $300 stipend will be paid to that person.

"With the teacher shortage being what it is, the earlier we know, the better quality of a candidate we can get for our students," said Moran.

Moran also informed the board about the current funding formula that is in front of the Missouri legislature.

He reported that during Gov. Bob Holden's address, he stated that he wanted to support the formula 100 percent. In order to do that it would require $220 million in funds to support the legislation. While nothing has been finalized at the state level, the districts throughout the state all have the same main concern, where the state will get the funding for next year's school year.

In other business, the board discussed the method of students grading each other's papers in the classroom. The practice, which is currently carried out at the school, was voted on unanimously by the Supreme Court stating it wasn't an invasion of the students' privacy.

Moran stated that due to the Supreme Court's decision the practice used by some of the teachers won't be affected.

The board also discussed applying for a parks and recreation grant in order to get cardiovascular equipment for the multi-purpose room. The equipment and multi-purpose room will be open to patrons if the board decides to make an application for the grant.

The board also announced its application for a parks and recreation grant for the resurfacing of the track to a rubberized surface. The district applied for 50 percent of the cost, which is approximately $45,000.

Board members voted to continue a lease with Freddie Williams of Dearborn for the two acres of land near the football field that is currently used for practice. The lease will continue between the two entities for five years for $300 per acre.

This year's senior trip to the Lake of the Ozarks was also approved by the board. Moran stated the trip will involve 38 students and will take place May 9-11.

In executive session, Moran said the board voted unanimously to extend the principals' contracts to continue for an additional two years.