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West Platte School Board
adopts new district goals

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

The West Platte School Board has adopted 11 top goals as a priority for the district in 2002-2003.

The goals include:
1-Completion of the prior curriculum project. The board hopes to see this accomplished at the elementary level and possibly at the high school level.

2-Authentic Assessment added to the math and social studies programs. This goal also should be accomplished at both levels.

3-SB 319 reviewed and a plan and time line for implementation developed. This will take place at the elementary level.

4-Board policies will be reviewed and updated. Completion will be pending final review and adoption.

5-The CSIP Plan will be updated and the board hopes to see completion this summer.

6-The Technology Plan will be revised, which is currently in process and looks to be completed this summer.

7-District safety and emergency procedures reviewed.

8-District newsletter mailed to all patrons via bulk mail.

9-First seven priorities of the Master Plan addressed.

10-Individual Building Plans to improve MAP scores. The board will be adopting and implementing these plans at each level.

11-In addition, a Early Childhood program is being explored.
At last month's board meeting, Superintendent Kyle Stephenson also gave the board an update on the legislation regarding the funding of the formula, which assists school districts across the State of Missouri with aid.

In other business, the board heard a construction update for the high school. The Blue Jays nest was demolished, and excavation was set to start, as a part of the $1.1 million project to build a southwest two-story addition on to the high school.

An update was also given regarding Kansas City Power and Light's consideration of building a power plant in Iatan. Stephenson stated that if the plant is to be constructed, that the district will receive an "x amount of dollars each year since it will be in our district."

A January enrollment update was also given, showing a slight decrease since September. January's enrollment numbers show 678.15 students compared to September's number of 687.29 students. According to Stephenson, the decrease is due to students moving away, semester graduates or drop-outs.

During executive session, the board renewed the contracts of four staff and administration members. The elementary principal and the special services director's contracts were renewed for two years, while the technology director and the assistant high school principal were renewed for one year.