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Pig Skin Picks

Brian Kubicki

Ivan Foley
Greg Hall

Kurt Foley

Chris Kamler
Landmark facilities manager has clinched the title. We'll be naming a courthouse after him.
This Week's Games Brian Kubicki Ivan Foley Greg Hall Kurt Foley Chris Kamler
Seattle vs. Denver Denver 32-21 Seattle 24-23 Seattle 31-30 Denver 24-21 Denver 28-21
Last Week 2-0 0-2 2-0 2-0 1-1
Last Season
162-103-1 174-91-1 171-94-1 176-89-1 164-101-1

Compared to KC Star 'experts:' Paylor 181-84-1; Mellinger 173-92-1; Rosen 167-98-1; Gregorian 167-98-1; Covitz 162-103-1