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Bartee needs to be replaced as starter

Posted 8-11-03

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

NFL cornerbacks must have short memories to be great NFL corners. That’s why I still can’t understand why William Bartee hasn’t achieved any success yet as an NFL corner.
Entering his fourth year, Bartee still can’t remember to turn and look for the ball as he trails receivers into the endzone. During Saturday night’s pre-season game, rookie Brandon Lloyd embarrassed Bartee.

Lloyd, as many receivers before him, torched Bartee on his first NFL catch for a 39-yard TD. It’s time for someone in the Chiefs organization to remember how poorly Bartee plays, week after week.

He’s not a starting cornerback in this league, and if he is the opening day starter, even with the obvious improvements at nearly every other defensive position, it will be as difficult for the rest of the defense to cover for Bartee as it is for Bartee to cover inexperienced rookies making their first NFL catch.

It’s time to take a long look at Dexter McCleon at starting CB, and it’s time for the return of the most popular feature of The Landmark’s Chiefs coverage where observations are made in a quick paced bullet fashion.

Take A Memo.


—The defensive line is MUCH improved. Ryan Sims is the key, and he is performing like a sixth overall pick so far this pre-season.

—R-Kal Truluck must be active on the opening day roster. His energy, his speed and his determination are addictive and can only help this defense.

—Trent Green is one tough QB.

—And he will need to be if any starter on the O-Line goes down. There is little competent depth.

—The O-Line is so shallow; the Chiefs may be forced to look at the last cuts by other NFL teams to find a veteran as an insurance policy.

—Great call on 4th and 1 to go for the TD. Poor run by Jarmar Julien. He missed the hole, then failed to run forcefully enough to get the TD.

—The Chiefs last TD—an NFL record 99-yard catch by Marc Boerigter from QB Trent Green came in the third quarter against San Diego during game 15 of the regular season on December 22, 2002.

—For those keeping score, that’s 12 straight quarters without a TD.

—So that’s what speed at the outside linebacker position looks like.

—Good to see WR Johnnie Morton involved, and lay out for a great catch early. Love him or hate him, this offense needs him to perform.

—RB Priest Holmes looks healthy, is running hard, and taking hits without any visible effects.

—And he’d better be, the depth at RB is dangerously thin.

—Exactly the opposite is the FB position, where Omar Easy has looked graceful out of the backfield on catches, while 300-pound Joe Hall is effective and a mean, nasty lead blocker.

—Injured FB Tony Richardson is the consummate pro; he won’t miss a beat when he returns to action.

—With the exception of the lack of any TD’s, (and that will change with Holmes taking nearly every snap) the first team offense looks tremendous.

—It’s very early, but Larry Johnson looks to be nothing more than a special teams player for his rookie season.

—Depth is a huge problem in the defensive backfield, at running back, and on the O-Line. It’s too late to fill all of these voids with a stopgap player, but the O-Line will have to be addressed.


Dexter McCleon needs to be with the starters against the Vikings next Saturday. To make this point more clear take this snapshot. It’s late in the fourth quarter and the Chiefs lead San Diego 24-20 in week one. The Chargers are on the Chiefs 39-yard line with little time left. David Boston is lined up, on-on-one against William Bartee.

If Brandon Lloyd can embarrass Bartee, it will be even uglier in week one against a real wide receiver like David Boston.


(CK Rairden can be reached by email at