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Peterson should step in to fire Robinson

Posted 1-6-03

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Chiefs GM Carl Peterson claimed himself to be “one tough S.O.B. negotiator” earlier this season as yet another first round draft pick was missing camp.

Well, now it’s time to put up or shut up. Head coach Dick Vermeil is back home in Pennsylvania after giving defensive coordinator Greg Robinson a vote of confidence before leaving. Vermeil, loyal to a fault, is willing to allow Robinson another chance at running (or ruining) the Chiefs defense.

Robinson doesn’t deserve it.


This is where it’s time for the self-appointed tough S.O.B. general manager to step up and do the job of firing Greg Robinson. And it shouldn’t take much to quit on Robinson. Everyone else has—

—Chiefs fans across the country quit on Robinson in week six after Drew Brees laughed when asked if he was concerned that the Chiefs could stop him in game six on a last minute 71-yard drive that would give the Chargers the win. Brees went 6-7 on that drive, his last completion for the game winning TD. The Chiefs offense piled up 34 points, but lost thanks to Robinson’s defense giving up three fourth quarter TD’s.

—Chiefs fans at Arrowhead quit on Robinson in week seven after his brilliant idea to put Bronco retread linebacker Glen Cadrez on Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe lit up Cadrez for 214 yards and two TD’s. The Chiefs offense scored 34 points again, but it was not enough as Denver scored 37 against Robinson’s defense in an overtime win.

—On the last Sunday of the season, with a slim opportunity at the playoffs still alive, the Chiefs defense finally quit on Greg Robinson. The missed tackles and assignments and allowed the Raiders to run at will and hold the ball for over 40 minutes while giving up 24 points on a muddy track.

It’s time to quit on Robinson.


The Chiefs need to cut some of the dead weight that inhabited the defense, and add free agents that can contribute. That much was at least noted by Vermeil. They need linebackers, they need defensive backs and they need defensive lineman. It’s hard to envision hungry free agents wanting to play in the system Robinson has designed and it’s even tougher to envision any big name free agents willing to play in the “spinner defense.”

What do you say to a run stuffing defensive tackle when he comes in? Sure—we know you can stop the run, we know you can get to the quarterback, but how are you in coverage against wide receivers?

The free agents will be available, and that is one thing Carl Peterson is very good at, signing free agents that can come in and contribute. But none of the events can play out with Greg Robinson still in place calling the shots on defense.


Carl Peterson’s five-year Super Bowl plan has now morphed into three year Dick Vermeil Super Bowl plan. No matter how you look at it, the plan enters its fifteenth season next year without even an appearance in a Super Bowl. This “plan” now includes nine straight seasons without a playoff victory, and five straight missing the playoffs entirely.

But a window of opportunity has opened for Carl Peterson. Instead of being despised by Chiefs fans for another hold out due to his self appointed S.O.B. persona and booed when introduced at Arrowhead Peterson can be a leader and go against his friend and head coach.

He can do the right thing for the Kansas City Chiefs football team and its loyal fans.

He can fire Greg Robinson.


(CK Rairden can be reached by email at