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Take a Memo

Coaches should be embarrassed

Posted 12-16-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

This game was described as a playoff game and the Chiefs opened the game just like it was the playoffs. The entire team and coaches were sleepwalking through the first half.

QB Trent Green missed wide-open receivers. The Chiefs defense missed easy tackles and allowed big TD runs and catches. And the Chiefs special teams, once they quit committing penalties on every return, also missed a FG.

The coaches failed to have the team ready, and should be embarrassed at their lack of preparation.

The Chiefs first half play looked like the first half of a pre-season game. The Chiefs were more than fortunate that they only trailed by 14 points going into the locker room at the half.
No excuses, no mercy, no quarter.


The TURNSTILE defense was never on better display than when Clinton Portis took a 5-yard swing pass and ran through the Chiefs secondary for a 66-yard TD in the third quarter. That gave the Broncos a 28-7 lead.

That should have been the game. That should have been the end of the Chiefs playoff hopes. That should have been the season.

But thanks to a gutsy performance by the Chiefs on both sides of the ball it wouldn’t end until the final incomplete pass by Trent Green fell harmlessly on the turf at Mile-High part II.

Admonishments and accolades crowd the memo pad; it’s worthy to divide it up into the good, the bad and the ugly—


Take a Memo:

-The way the Chiefs team would not quit.

-Dante Hall. Whew—Now a budding superstar. He may be the best player in the NFL at making people miss in a spread-out open field.

-Priest Holmes. Still the absolute best running back in the NFL.

-The offensive line. Also— the best in the league.

-Trent Green in the fourth quarter. The guy has no quit in him.

-Eddie Kennison’s two blocks on Dante Hall’s 75-yard TD catch.

-Defensive take-aways. Despite the fact that the defense couldn’t stop the Broncos at all, they did get three crucial turnovers that made Chiefs fans have to keep watching the whole game.

-Defensive stops in the fourth quarter once Denver went conservative. Sure Denver blew it by using that offense, but the defense still made the stops.

-Oh and that Dante Hall guy—did I mention him?


-All of the injuries. Specifically—

-The awkward way Priest Holmes landed after his 56-yard run in the third quarter. It looked ugly and took Holmes out when the team needed him most, during the desperation 4th quarter attempted comeback. He left the locker room on crutches with a “bruised hip.” If that is all it is it will be a miracle.

-The injury to Tony Richardson. Separated shoulder, out for the season. T Rich is too important to Holmes to be out for the season. A huge loss.

-The injury to K Morten Anderson. It stinks to have a kicker that can’t hit a 40-yarder because of an injury.

-The coaching staff’s inability to understand that the clock keeps running when the ball doesn’t go out of bounds. When the clock is ticking late in the fourth quarter and you don’t score and your team is trailing by ten points have a plan, any plan. Don’t look at Mike White trying to figure it out right there on the spot. The clock ran for 26 seconds before a decision was made. Those 26 seconds could have been used on that last drive. Next time— CALL A DAMN TIMEOUT!!!!


-Now that is Greg Robinson’s TURNSTILE defense. If he worked all week on that defensive design to stop a team he coached on for years, he needs to donate his check to charity. Until the Broncos went conservative, the defense had no answers.

-William THE Burnee has no business being on an NFL football field let alone being a starting CB.

-It’s painful to watch Greg Wesley get sucked up too close to the line of scrimmage while opposing RB’s punch through a crowded line of scrimmage and see nothing but the goal line 50 yards down the field.

-It is ugly to watch the entire defense give up a 93-yard drive that takes up nearly 10 minutes and 19 plays with no answers. Even if the opposition didn’t score a TD.

-The ugliest: Greg Robinson’s entire defensive scheme. There is a reason the Broncos fired him two years ago. It was on display in this Chiefs loss and many others this season.


Wild Card picture:

Fifth straight season without a playoff game for the Chiefs.


(CK Rairden can be reached by email at