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Get Priest the ball

Posted 12-09-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

But the Chiefs offense was awful

They ran only 9 plays for seven yards in the first quarter, and guess what? Priest Holmes only touched the ball twice in those first three series. The Rams Isaac Bruce then embarrassed Chiefs cornerback Eric Warfield for an easy TD. The Rams were right back in the game at 14-10.

The momentum had swung back to the Rams.

Chiefs’ fans were screaming ‘get Priest the ball.’ Finally, on the first possession of the second quarter offensive coordinator Al Saunders figured it out.


It went like this.

-Priest to the left side for eight yards.

-Holmes then lost two yards on a pitch to the right.

-Priest up the middle on a draw for 16 yards.

-Priest Holmes around the right corner for 17 yards.

-After an incompletion and a penalty, QB Trent Green faked to Holmes, and then hit WR Eddie Kennison for 29 yards to the two-yard line of the Rams.

-Two plays later, the league’s leading scorer, the league’s leading rusher, and the league’s leading all purpose yardage back hauled it in for the score. Holmes used 6 carries to gain 42 yards and a TD on that drive. Momentum back to the red and gold. Holmes is now involved in the contest.

Chiefs 21 Rams 10. Game over.


Take A Memo:

—Can we gat one of those electronic dog collars and put in on Al Saunders? The next time he blows off Holmes for another quarter, perhaps give him a little shock?

—Dante Hall may have just booked his trip to Hawaii with his last two week’s performances. A 90-yard punt return for a TD last week. An 88-yard kick-off return and an 86-yard punt return for 2 TD’s this week.

—Marc Boerigter now has 13 catches for the season. Six are for TD’s.

—John Browning is the main reason the Chiefs defense has stepped it up the last two games. It’s nice to have a defensive lineman that can dominate at times.

—The Chiefs have now outscored their last two NFC West opponents 98-10.

—The Chiefs probably won’t have another blowout victory like the last two, but if you ever get bored, just watch the Chiefs offensive line. They are dominating like no other I’ve ever seen.

—Chiefs kicker Morton Anderson hasn’t attempted a FG in the last two games.

—Okay, the Chiefs are the longest of long shots to make it in as the last wild card, but we will continue to track the numbers.

—Wild card picture—

Miami 7-5 (Monday night game against Chicago with a loss to KC)
San Diego 8-5 (with a win over KC)
Indianapolis 8-5

Denver 7-6 (KC’s next opponent with a win over KC)
Kansas City 7-6
Cleveland 7-6 (with a loss to KC)
New York Jets 7-6 (with a loss to KC)


Priest Holmes NFL TD records watch—

—Rushing TD’s per season-Record held by Emmitt Smith with 25 TD’s
Priest Holmes has 21 thru 13 games.

—Total TD’s per season

Record held by Marshall Faulk with 26 total TD’s.
Priest Holmes has 24 thru 13 games.


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