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It's good to play the Cardinals

Posted 12-02-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

It’s good to play the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cards are the worst team in the NFL and have a tendency to quit once they get behind. Their QB Jake Plummer is awful, their defense is worse.

When the Cards had a wide-open receiver for a touchdown, Plummer couldn’t hit him. When a receiver was open and Plummer hit him, the receiver would drop the ball.

The Cards couldn’t run the ball, they couldn’t pass and they couldn’t play defense. Their special teams couldn’t handle an easy FG snap on their only legitimate shot at a score all day. Their special teams allowed Dante Hall to run virtually untouched for a 90-yard TD.
It’s good to play the Cardinals.

Take A Memo:

—The game was over with 5:30 seconds left in the first quarter. Cards wide receiver Jason McAddley had gotten 10 yards behind Eric Warfield and the rest of the Chiefs secondary and was open for a TD. Plummer threw a bad pass that fell incomplete. The Cards were forced to punt.

—Eight plays later Priest Holmes would run 5 yards for his 21st TD of the season. The Chiefs would follow that with 4 more TD’s before the half was over.

—The second of those, a TD punt return by Dante Hall at the end of the first quarter, was even more amazing as the Chiefs had a punt block on. The Cards special teams just over-ran the play. The only real block thrown was on the punter. Hall was high-fiving teammates for the last 20 yards.

—The last of those TD’s came with 8 seconds left in the half. It was a 23-yard TD pass from Trent Green to Tony Gonzalez that threaded five Cards defenders. It was a thing of beauty.

—It’s good to play the Cardinals.


—The Chiefs defense had four interceptions.

—The Chiefs defense recorded its first shutout since 1999.

—The Chiefs defense held Cards QB Jake Plummer to a 12.6 QB rating for the game.

—The Chiefs defense had five sacks. Two of them by rookie Eddie Freeman.

—It’s good to play the Cardinals.


—Priest Holmes had his 14th 100-yard rushing game in a little over a half. That ties a team record.

—Holmes also had 2 TD’s bringing his league-leading total to 22, four short of tying the NFL record.

—Priest Holmes had 169 total yards and the entire Cardinals team had only 122 total yards.

—Holmes inactivity hurt his rushing yardage lead as both LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams ran for over 200 yards. Holmes now has 1322 rushing yards and leads Tomlinson by four yards and Williams by 38 yards for the NFL rushing title.

—But Holmes workhorse body got a much-needed rest for almost two full quarters.

—It’s good to play the Cardinals.


—Marc Boerigter caught his fourth and fifth TD passes of the season. That’s more than starters Johnnie Morton and Eddie Kennison combined.

—The Chiefs regained the NFL scoring lead, and are now averaging 31 points per game.

—Trent Green’s flawless performance against the Cardinals brings his QB rating to 95.4.

—Hall's 90-yard punt return set a team record, and was the first special teams score of the season.

—It’s good to play the Cardinals.


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