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Green shows guts

Posted 11-18-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Trent Green was in the second half of another game hobbling on a bum ankle. But unlike the game versus the Chargers when the coaching staff took the ball out of Green’s hands, the call on 3rd and goal was a pass from the Bills 9-yard line.

Green surveyed the field and after seeing no one open, tucked the ball, headed straight up the gut and dove into the end zone. It was a fitting last score for the Chiefs by their gutsy QB, diving through three Buffalo defenders and landing in the end zone for the go ahead score.

Another ugly game, but this one was a win.

Take A Memo:

-The Bills tried all day to give the Chiefs the game with 13 penalties for a whopping 139 yards. It took all four quarters but the Chiefs finally took the gift and got the win.

-Al Saunders got the message; Priest Holmes had 34 touches for 127 total yards.

-The last drive to run out the clock was a thing of beauty with one exception: Uh—Priest, stop going out of bounds when you are trying to run out the clock.

-Priest Holmes on that drive had six 6 carries for 50 yards.

-That last drive started with from the Chiefs 11, and ate up the final 4:14 of the game.

-Okay, the Chiefs defense is playing much better, but they cannot continue to give up long time-consuming drives that keep the Chiefs offense off the field. It’s a recipe for disaster.

-In the middle of the game the Bills had 4 drives for 307 yards that resulted in their 16 points, then the Bills had only 23 yards on 8 plays in the 4th quarter.

-It took three quarters to get them warmed up, but in the final quarter, the Chiefs offensive line owned the Bills.

-It was nice to see Eric Warfield finally make some plays.

-Despite the time of possession woes, the Chiefs defense has only gave up an average of 14 points a game for the last three contests.

-This was a needed game for the Chiefs to keep their hopes for a playoff berth alive. With six games left they are right in it.

Wild card picture—

San Diego 7-3 (with a win over KC)
Indianapolis 6-4
Tennessee 6-4
Oakland 6-4 (with a loss to KC)
New England 5-5 (with a win over KC)
Jacksonville 5-5 (with a win over KC)
Kansas City 5-5
Buffalo 5-5 (with a loss to KC)
Cleveland 5-5 (with a loss to KC)
New York Jets 5-5 (with a loss to KC)

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