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Missed opportunities

Posted 11-11-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

If you had to put a title on the Chiefs 2002 season it would be simple: Missed Opportunities.
Once again the Chiefs invented another way to lose a winnable game. The defensive strategy of bend, but don’t break worked... well, sort of. The 49ers offense held the ball for nearly 39 minutes of the game, and the lack of offensive drive opportunities was finally much to overcome.

Oh—and we finally found someone to stop Priest Holmes and his name is Al Saunders. Saunders mimicked Mike Martz by under-using Holmes as Martz did with Marshall Faulk during the first five Rams’ games. By the way—the Rams were 0-5 in those games, and that will be the Chiefs fate if they continue to give Holmes 13 touches a game.

Sharpen those pencils—

Take A Memo:

—Dear milk carton manufacturing plant: Here is a photo of Johnnie Morton, please apply to the back of your product immediately, he is missing.

—What does Marc Boerigter have to do to crack the starting lineup or at least be the number three WR?

—Need more? Johnnie Morton while starting nine games: 16 catches for 202 yards and 1 TD. Boerigter in nine games seeing very limited offensive snaps, 8 catches for 192 yards and 2 TD’s.

—It was nice to see WR Eddie Kennison finally on track. Can we now see something similar every week?

—Not only did 49ers LB Julian Peterson abuse TE Tony Gonzalez in coverage, but Gonzo was also called for holding as Priest Holmes ripped through the 49er defense for a 44-yard gain down to the three yard line of the Niners. That was a killer. The person Gonzo attempted to hold—Julian Peterson.

—Holmes had 55 total rushing yards and a TD taken away by holding penalties.

—Please explain why Priest Holmes' last offensive touch was came with 9:09 left in the 4th quarter.

—On the last drive—after the three catches by Kennison, how about a wrap around draw to Homes? How about a screen pass, or a pass over the middle to Holmes? What are you saving that final timeout for?

—LB Mike Mazlowski still misses far too many tackles.

—After 115 yards of total offense and 10 points in their first two drives, the Chiefs final six drives netted only 141 yards and 3 points.

—The Chiefs defense stepped up in the second half, giving up only 101 yards and no points.

—As exciting as the Chiefs are to watch, they are not quite ready for prime time: 2-5 in games decided by 7 points or less isn’t going to get any team into the playoffs.

—Wild card picture—

San Diego 6-3 (with a win over KC)
New England 5-4 (with a win over KC)
Indianapolis 5-4
Buffalo 5-4 (Chiefs next opponent)
Miami 5-4 (with a loss to KC)
Tennessee 5-4
Oakland 4-4 (with a loss to KC)

Jacksonville 4-5 (with a win over KC)
Kansas City 4-5
Cleveland 4-5 (with a loss to KC)
Baltimore 4-5
New York Jets 4-5 (with a loss to KC)

—The bad news, the Chiefs need three straight wins to get back in the playoff race. The good news: the Chiefs next three games are winnable. Buffalo at home, Seattle on the road and Arizona at home.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at