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This time, defense bends but doesn't break

Posted 10-28-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

It looked as if the Chiefs were on their way to a third straight loss when:

1) The Chiefs settled for field goals on their first two scoring opportunities.

2) The defense gave up two long drives to start the game, one ending in a TD.

3) Trent Green threw two straight interceptions in the red zone.

The much maligned bend but don’t break defense did just that. Oh they bent all right surrendering 417 total yards to the Raiders offense. But for the first time this season they didn’t break. They didn’t give up a bunch of points.

Fun to watch and fun to document.

Take A Memo:

-Raiders Week ended in a win for the first time in almost three calendar years to the day. The Chiefs last beat the Raiders on Oct. 28, 1999.

-No matter how many times I see Priest Holmes run and catch, he’ll always amaze me.

-Can any Chiefs wide receiver catch the ball anymore?

-Why would Derrick Ransom ever be in coverage against Tim Brown?

-The no huddle drive was an interesting twist, why did the Chiefs abandon it?

-I really wish the Chiefs had kept LB Richard Jordan over Glen Cadrez. Would Cadrez have a job for any other defensive coordinator?

-Can someone explain to me the crack back rule?

-Without that “phantom call” and without Glen Cadrez getting his first good hit of the season three yards out of bounds this game would have been a Chiefs blowout.

-There aren’t enough “vitamin” supplements available to help Bill Romanowski cover Tony Gonzalez.

-Trent Green has yet to fold this year. After the two straight drive killing interceptions, he went 4-4 for 33 yards on the third quarter drive that produced the go ahead touchdown.

-Green’s final pass play of the game was a 4-yard TD to a wide-open Tony Richardson to seal the game.

-Just for fun—the wild card standings as of today—

Denver 6-2 (with a win over KC)
Buffalo 5-3
Oakland 4-3 (with a loss to KC)
Kansas City 4-4
Cleveland 4-4 (with a loss to KC)
New England 3-4 (with a win over KC)
Baltimore 3-4
Jacksonville 3-4 (with a win over KC)
Tennessee 3-4

Hey it’s been five years—a guy can dream can’t he?

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at