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Cheifs Chatter

'Fantasy geeks' check in

They have questions about Chiefs

Posted 10-9-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

You’ve got mail.

The e-mail notes just keep flowing in from our Chiefs coverage.

But instead of such complimentary words as “you are almost as stupid as Whitlock,” (notice it said almost, Jason) many of the notes have taken an interesting turn in the last couple of weeks. Many of these letter writers aren’t even Kansas City Chiefs fans. They are fantasy football players from around the country.

That’s right, I’m getting questions from those I respectfully deem ‘fantasy geeks.’ Out of all of the questions, these two stood out.


This one came in late Saturday night before the Jets game.

I have Brett Favre and Trent Green as my fantasy QB’s. I know the Jets defense is awful, and I’m thinking of starting Trent Green. Is he the real deal now?

--John K in Indianapolis.

Whoa. Can you believe its come this far this fast? Trent Green or Brett Favre as your starting QB in fantasy geek land?

Green’s five-touchdown performance against the Dolphins not only frightened some defensive coordinators in the real NFL but also opened some eyes in fantasy football world. Green seems to have snapped out of his funk, matured and his making plays with his arm, his head and his feet.

For the record, I told John in Indy to start Trent Green. I also told him he may have the best 1,2 combo in fantasy football and to try and trade one of these QB’s or he is going to struggle with this decision every week.


The other one that surprised me came in early this morning.


I just picked up Dante Hall as my fifth wide receiver. We start five WR’s each week. Does he also return kicks, and is he a threat to break one? Is he the third option for Green, and how many offensive plays does he get in on?

Ken D, San Diego.

I was one of Dante Hall’s most harsh critics last season, as I never saw him break a tackle. Now all I see him do is make plays. In the NFL world Dante Hall is an asset.

I guess if you think in fantasy terms, it would be great to have Hall. (And do all fantasy leagues start five wideouts a game?) The Chiefs defense gives up points so he will get plenty of kick-off return yardage (do those count in fantasy football?) and if they happen to make a stop, he gets the punt returns.

He also gets a couple of rushing attempts a game, and he is getting more involved in the offense. After five games he is averaging nearly nine touches a game. My advice to Ken, he’s the best number five WR in fantasy football.


The lesson here is that the Chiefs finally have a bunch of playmakers on offense. Al Saunders offensive scheme has to be causing nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators.

Do you try to contain Holmes or concentrate on Gonzo? Do you try to stop Kennison deep, or contain Morton across the middle? And where is Dante Hall lining up? And Tony Richardson?

Opposing defenses and opposing coordinators have to be staying up late just trying to figure it all out.

And they aren’t the only ones. Ken D in San Diego’s e-mail came in at 3:27am.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at