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Ugly win is still a win

Posted 10-8-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

A one legged kicker. Being forced to use the 14th and 15th string defensive backs due to injuries. Playing down to their competition, which was an extremely poor NFL team. Stupid penalties. Playing Willie Jones at left tackle for one series.

All of this could not stop the Kansas City Chiefs from going above .500 for the first time since Nov. 5, 2000.

It was ugly, it was another nail biter but it was a win.

Take A Memo

—Greg Robinson names one of his defenses the 3-0-8 spinner “D”. I’m changing that. You can now call it the 3-0-8 turnstile “D." Opponents just pass right through it on their way to lots of yardage and eventually the end zone.

—The turnstile “D” gave up 359 yards, 25 points and 23 first downs to a lousy offense and a QB making his first ever start.

—Has LB Lew Bush made one play since joining the Chiefs?

—Has LB Glen Cadrez made a play since joining the Chiefs?

—Can you imagine how good this team could be with a defense?

—Can you imagine how good the Chiefs defense could be with—

A) A new defensive coordinator

B) A defensive line that could tackle and generate a pass rush

C) Fast hard hitting linebackers

D) Safeties that could cover and tackle

E) Corners that could play press coverage without getting burned several times a game.

—On one leg, I will still take Morten Andersen over any other kicker the Chiefs have had in the last 10 years.

—One of Trent Green’s best throws of the day was an incompletion on the play before the touchdown pass to Priest Holmes. That was a play where he was under pressure and instead of forcing something simply threw the ball away. The next play was the game winning TD, Green to Holmes.

—Trent Green has is now the best fourth quarter QB in the league.

—Trent Green is now the best run blocking QB in the league.

—Kind of scary, but Trent Green doesn’t seem to panic anymore.

—I once called RB Priest Holmes a “poor man’s” Marshall Faulk. That was an obvious mistake. He’s an underpaid Marshall Faulk.

—The Chiefs final drive was 10 plays for 78 yards. Holmes had 6 touches for 72 yards and the game winning TD on that drive. Oh, and for good measure, 233 total yards and two more touchdowns for the entire game.

—Don’t look now but Trent Green has a 2-1 TD to INT ratio, is hitting on 65% of his passes and has a 100.4 QB rating.

—That may have been what Dick Vermeil had in mind when he sent a number one draft pick to the 0-5 Rams two seasons ago.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at