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Big days for Green, Al Saunders

Posted 10-1-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Miami Dolphins' defensive game plan was simple.

Stop Priest Holmes from running the ball and make much maligned QB Trent Green beat the Fins with the pass. Green did just that.

Flawlessly sharp passes, crisp timely runs for three first downs and no interceptions. Oh yea, and he tossed 5 TD’s for good measure.

For one game in late September 2002, Trent Green was the best QB in the NFL. He will receive a much-earned AFC offensive player of the week award later this week. (Or there will be an investigation)

Could this be the watershed moment in his career?

Sharpen those pencils.

Take A Memo-

—Al Saunders is now entering the upper echelon of offensive coordinators. His four game plans have been exceptional; only in the Jacksonville game did the players' execution stall this offense.

—Who says Trent Green can’t block? He pancaked a Miami DB on Priest Holmes first quarter TD run. You have to love that.

—As fast and as good as the Miami Dolphins rush defense was and as good as they were at shutting down Holmes in the running game, Holmes' 25-yard TD run was still a thing of beauty.

—Now that is the way you use your power forward/tight end.

—Tony Gonzalez abused Miami LB Zach Thomas.

—Chief’s kickoff coverage team is abysmal. Is Mike Stock back on the sidelines?

—Morten Andersen is money.

—John Tait still gets beat way too much. He is the weak link of an otherwise potent O-Line

—Lew Bush, personal foul, facemask. Lew Bush misses a tackle. Lew Bush, why is he still starting on this defense?

—Field position cost the Chiefs big time in the second quarter, or this may have been a huge blowout.

—It’s good to see Johnny Morton finally involved in this offense.

—Greg Wesley had three interceptions in less than six minutes. This year’s Deltha O’Neal?

—The defense was bailed out by the offense, but once Miami got way behind, Greg Wesley played a pretty good center field.

—Referee Ed Hochuli is the NFL refs 2002 version on NFL ref Phil Luckett. Hochuli and his crew could also blow a coin toss.

—Wow, the Chiefs’ defense is really, really slow.

—How bad is your defense when you are happy they “only” gave up 30 points?

—How bad is your defense when you are happy they “only” gave up 399 yards?

—Marvcus Patton and Jason Belser seemed to be the only two defenders that could tackle Miami RB Ricky Williams 1 on 1.

—No matter how look at it, the Chiefs 2002 are a blast to watch.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at