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Take a Memo

Kennison makes the wrong call

Posted 9-24-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs are the absolute best team in football with no time left on the clock.

They have now tallied 10 points in two separate games with the clock at 0:00. They made a ton of mistakes, but thanks to Priest Holmes they made this game a blast to watch and with a little luck on a coin flip—who knows?

The notepad and pencil are out and the pages are full.

Take A Memo—

—Worst call of the game: heads by Eddie Kennison on the overtime coin flip. Eddie: Tails never fails.

—Did anyone believe the Chiefs defense had a chance of stopping the Pats in overtime?

—With that in mind—why not go for two after the last TD?

—William ‘THE’ Burnee, yes right now that name fits well.

—The Kansas City Chiefs defense is beginning to resemble a baseball relief pitcher. They can stop an offense for a few ‘innings,’ but then they are just hammered.

—Can someone get me a phone number for a football coach that doesn’t play the Chiefs this season so he can tell Vermeil: “Trent Green can’t throw the ball deep.”

—Green is now on pace for 27 interceptions for a 16 game schedule.

—Trent Green makes awful decisions, under throws receivers, and misses wide-open guys…but he doesn’t quit. The last two touchdown drives and 21 fourth quarter points prove that.

—This could have been awful if the Pats knew they could run on the Chiefs early.

—Greg Robinson believes this defense is starting to gel? This defense is Jell-O

—I will never get tired of watching Priest Holmes.

—The Chiefs offensive line dominated and embarrassed the Pats front seven.

—The Chiefs offensive line is just plain dominant.

—Where is a Dwayne Rudd helmet-tossing when you need it?

—Even with that funky cast on his wrist—Tony Gonzalez is still money.

—Watching LB Lew Bush in coverage is painful.

—Watching Eric Warfield in coverage is painful.

—Watching Eric Hicks in coverage is painful.

—Watching (fill in the KC Chiefs defensive players name) is painful.

—This defense has zero playmakers. (Wait, I used that last week. And probably will next week)

—Number one pick Ryan Sims finally made a play.

—Eddie Kennison has really stepped up; he is now officially the Chiefs number one receiver.

—Recipe for disaster.
1) Take a cup full of slow linebackers.
2) A cup full of corners who can’t cover.
3) Add two slow safeties that are late in coverage help.
4) And throw in a gaggle of defensive linemen who have trouble getting a pass rush.
5) Final ingredient: a defensive coordinator who out-thinks himself and his players, but not the opposing offensive coordinator.

—You’ve just created a defense that gives up 34 points a game, and a 1-2 record.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at