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Take a Memo

Reality bites

Posted 9-17-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Reality bites.

After a miracle finish provided a victory in week one, Chiefs fans had hope. A fast offensive start this week worked well until the team settled for three points on two straight long drives.

The bend-but-don’t-break defense broke again. Hope is diminished and the fact that the team travels to play the hottest team in football next week doesn’t help.

Sharpen those pencils…

Take A Memo—

—Ladies and gentleman introducing your starting KC Chiefs cornerbacks, Eric Torchfield and William Burnee.

—Explain to me why the Chiefs went away from the short passes, the play action and the misdirection that worked in the first quarter and a half.

—It’s obvious that Green doesn’t have the arm strength to throw deep. Why call those plays?

—How lucky are the Chiefs not being 0-2 headed into a potential disaster in New England?

—Secret weapon Dante Hall is….still a secret to the Chiefs offense.

—Home field advantage is long gone.

—Where is that 28-yard John Tait run when you need it?

—How did this awful defense give up 450 yards and only 23 points?

—Simple addition: Two long first half drives, (26 plays 139 yards) plus two short FG’s, plus a very porous defense…equals a loss.

—When Green is forced from the pocket he should either:

A) Run with the ball.

B) Dump off a short pass to someone directly in front of him.

C) Throw it away.

—His passes on the move are far too inaccurate for anything else.

—Johnny Morton was signed to make plays. Explain to me why he has four touches after two games.

—The wide receivers had six catches in an offense designed to showcase the wide receivers.

—If Trent Green would have only attempted two more deep throws into double coverage Marlon McCree (2 INT’s 30 yards) would have been pro bowl bound ala the Denver Broncos Deltha O’Neal.

—While the Chiefs debate the term red zone and gold zone, against the Jags it was the dead zone.

—Jimmy Smith’s fourth down TD catch and run was very similar to Terrell Owens TD catch and run in the pre-season.

—This defense has zero playmakers.

—This defense needed one stop to give the offense one last chance and it failed again.

—This defense misses more assignments than the football players in Division one school classrooms.

—Every positive from the Cleveland game is gone.

—A winnable game and a great opportunity from the fast start were wasted.

—The Patriots may throw the ball 30 straight times against the Chiefs defense next week, and it could get ugly.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at