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Sunday Channel Surf

Observations from the easy chair

Posted 9-17-02

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

NFL Sunday ticket, a quick remote, a stronger thumb than Kurt Warner and three TV’s.
Time for some channel surfing.


—The Chargers are leading a charmed life. First the Bungles, then the Texans. Next up a winnable game in Arizona. I thought fifth place schedules were a thing of the past?

—The Titans QB McNair rams head-first into equipment and the bench on the Cowboys sideline and left the game briefly. He should have stayed out.

—I guess Cowboys coach Dave Campo has a job for at least one more week.

—The Jags Jimmy Smith on training camp and pre-season. ‘Who needs it?’


—‘Offensive genius’ Brian Billick’s Baltimore offense has now produced seven points in two games and zero in the last 7 quarters.

—Until the Steelers learn to contain the pass, teams are going to throw 40-50 times a game on them.

—The Rams look like a team coached by a very stubborn man trying to prove ‘everyone’ wrong.

—Anyone still second-guessing the Panthers decision to start journeyman Rodney Peete at QB?


—Chicago and Atlanta are both legitimate playoff contenders, and the Falcons QB Michael Vick is the real deal.

—The Broncos have still yet to play well and have defeated the Rams and the 49ers. How dangerous are they going to be when they get on track?

—The Pats are playing unbelievable football. Their offense has now caught their defense.

—The New York football Giants are a dangerous football team. If they can limit their turnovers—look out.


—Buffalo is going to score a bunch of points this season and be a fun team to watch.

—Until Kurt Warner’s thumb heals (if it ever heals) a heavy dose of Marshall Faulk is in order or they will be home watching the playoffs.

—Games to watch next week:
New Orleans at Chicago
Buffalo at Denver
Washington at San Francisco

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at