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Popular feature returns


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Back for another season the ever popular, rock-solid sound bite analysis of Chiefs games throughout the season.

Often imitated, but never duplicated grab your pen and paper and….

Take A Memo—

—Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

—So that’s what this offense is supposed to look like.

—The bend but don’t break defense bent, then broke and broke and broke and broke and broke and broke and....finally the clock ran out and the game was over.

—The Browns defense wore down and had no chance of stopping the Chiefs in the fourth quarter.

—Anyone still believe that Priest Holmes is a fluke?

—Anyone still believe the Chiefs interior defensive line doesn’t need some serious help?

—Moxie is defined as tossing an interception on your first pass attempt then leading your team to 40 points.

—It was good to see the Trent Green that Dick Vermeil has talked about so much.

—It was good to see the Dante Hall that Dick Vermeil has talked about so much.

—It was good to see the Eddie Kennison that Dick Vermeil talked so much about.

—The offensive line…awesome.

—The complete lack of a pass rush can make any CB look bad.

—But an inexperienced journeyman QB embarrassed Warfield and Bartee.

—That Tony Gonzalez guy seems to be kind of important to the Chiefs offense.

—Tony Gonzalez, ‘training camp is overrated.’

—The Chiefs defense made Kelly Holcomb look like Dan Marino.

—Johnnie Morton made some excellent downfield blocks.

—Offensive coordinator Al Saunders deserves a game ball.

—The defensive backfield made Quincy Morgan (who?) and Kevin Johnson (who?) look like Randy Moss and Jerry Rice.

—After week one Chiefs offensive tackle John Tait has more rushing yards than—

-Duce Staley
-Curtis Martin
-Corey Dillon
-Marshall Faulk

-And any Denver Broncos running back

—Did anyone doubt that Morten Andersen would drill that 30-yarder?
—The offense was incredible.
—The special teams shined.
—And the defense was awful.
—But for the first week one victory for the Chiefs since 1998—All’s well that ends well.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at