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Channel Surf

Observations from Week 1 of the NFL


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Satellite dish in proper working order. Check. Three televisions working. Check. Refrigerator stocked. Check. Cigar humidor stocked. Check. Tapes in VCR’s. Check. Surround sound on. Check. Remote batteries ready. Check. NFL week one, channel surf is up and running.

Channel surfing—

•Martyball is off to a great start with the Chargers. But so is any team that gets to start their season playing the Bungles.

•Mike Shanahan told Brian Griese he was benched with a 16-13 lead in the fourth quarter of the game against the Rams. The Rams then missed a FG, Shanahan changed his mind, and Griese drove the team down and threw a TD pass.

•St. Louis QB Kurt Warner’s thumb is still bothering him. His passes are still on the mark most of the time, but rarely have a tight spiral.

•Rams head coach Mike Martz decides to not take a short FG to tie the game against Denver late in the contest and goes for it on 4th and 2. That’s not gutsy, it’s idiotic and cost the Rams the game.

•The Dolphins are unbeatable in September at home.

•The Colt’s RB Edgerrin James is baaaaack.

•The Michael Vick versus Brett Favre battle was a blast to watch. Vick looks like the real deal.

•After a slow start the ‘fun and gun’ offense in Washington rallied for a win. But it was against a woeful Arizona Cardinals defense.

•The Seahawks are awful without Trent Dilfer.

•Fans in Detroit and Baltimore had better prepare for a loooong season.

Photo finish—

•Chiefs 30-yard FG with no time on the clock. Chiefs over Browns 40-39.

•The Bears Jim Miller to David Terrel for a 28-yard TD pass with 28 seconds left. Bears over Minnesota 27-23 after trailing 23-20.

•Carolina’s Dan Morgan intercepts Baltimore’s Chris Redman with under two minutes left. Carolina wins 10-7.

•Ryan Longwell boots a 34-yard FG in OT for the Packers. Packers over Falcons 37-34.
•The Jets’ Chad Morton returns the opening kick off in overtime 96 yards for a TD. Jets over Patriots 37-31.

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