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by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

With each exhibition, game the Chiefs defense plays Ryan Sims gains leverage. The Chiefs defensive line has little or no push on any pass rush. It’s difficult to say if Sims will have a presence in the middle this season for the Chiefs, but since the team gave up two draft picks two move up two spots to acquire the big defensive tackle now might be the time to find out.


—If the Chiefs don’t get some pressure on the QB, it’s not going to matter who they have back in coverage.

—Dante Hall is playing above anyone’s expectations.... except Vermeils.

—Good news…The offense looks good. The bad news...They are going to have to score a ton of points unless the defense improves.

—Trent Green could not have asked for a better start.

—Sign Ryan Sims…now.



•“We’ve always had a need to get Ryan Sims in. That’s why we drafted him in the first round. We want his butt here and it hurts us a little bit. I’ve said that all along.”
Dick Vermeil
CK: Finally a member of the organization that understands this. Now maybe he can explain it to the master negotiator.

•“[Trent] Green heard the boos. He heard people question his heart. He read the stories about his interceptions. And it changed him. Trent Green isn’t funny now. He isn’t interested in opening up and letting everybody know him. He’s just here to be efficient. He’s just here to play football. And that’s the shame of it. Because Kansas City desperately needs a star at quarterback.”
Joe Posnanski
CK: Green will win over Kansas City with wins. He doesn’t have to be congenial. KC loves a winner and doesn’t care how many interviews he gives to reporters.

•“Bringing Willie Roaf in has been a great addition, he brings an attitude not only to the left tackle spot, but to the overall offensive line.”
Trent Green,
CK: Translation; it will be nice to have a future Hall of Famer watching my back.

•“Sims is the ninth holdout of the Chiefs’ past 12 first-round picks, tainting Peterson’s reputation a bit. Peterson has bragged about what a tough negotiator he is, but with a team that some think will compete in the AFC West, he’d be better advised to find a way to get his best player and his top draft pick into camp.”
Pete Prisco
CK: Better advised indeed.


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