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Cyber Chiefs

Notes and Quotes


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Ah, the hope of the pre season. The Chiefs first team offense looked good in the one drive they conducted and the first team defense looked like last years team when they were on the field.


—The Chiefs had their 1st instant replay challenge upheld. Looked very similar to last seasons Raider/Patriots controversial call. Wonder if the Niners walk out in their next referee meeting in protest?

—Note to Tony Gonzalez, When you can take a 10-yard crossing pattern 71 yards for a TD then you should be paid like a top five wide receiver.

—If you watched the Chiefs interior starting defensive line during the 49ers game you will realize how bad this team needs Ryan Sims in camp and on the field.

—Maybe this Vermeil guy can judge talent, Dante Hall looked like a #3 wide receiver against the 49ers.

—Marvcus Patton’s age should be a non-issue.

—Jason Dunn made the most of his opportunity to start at TE.

—Good-bye Lawrence Tynes, hello Morten Andersen.

—Trent Green’s QB rating for his one drive performance, 139.58.


“If you look all the way around, you’ll see Eddie (Kennison) had a catch, Johnnie (Morton) had a catch, Priest (Holmes) had a catch. That’s when we’re most effective — when we can spread the ball around and not focus on one or two specific people.”

Trent Green, speaking on the Chiefs’ opening drive.

CK: The beauty of this offense is the way the ball is shared. Hopefully there will be no complaints about that this season.

“I think Dante Hall will really surprise some people because nobody has ever seen him in the NFL as a wide receiver. I picture him making the type of contribution that Az Hakim made for me, short passes that can utilize his speed and the types of skill he shows in the return game. Hall wasn’t a wide receiver until last year. He has really picked things up well.”
Vermeil from CBS Sportsline before Saturday nights contest.

CK:At least for one pre-season night, Dante Az-Hall made Vermeil look like a genius.

"The Cardinals opened the preseason by beating penalty-prone San Diego 24-17 in Marty Schottenheimer’s debut as coach of the Chargers."


"Todd Collins was inconsistent, and 49ers linebacker Jamie Wilborn launched him airborne with a crushing hit that knocked Collins’ helmet off and appeared to cause a fumble, though officials ruled it an incomplete pass after a review."
CK: Collins proved he was tough enough to take a huge hit, but I see Jonathan Quinn stepping into the #2 spot.

"The Saint Louis Rams could be shopping for a veteran quarterback after backup Jamie Martin suffered a separation of his right shoulder Saturday night."

CK: St. Louis Rams, this is Carl Peterson. How about taking Joe Germaine off our hands and sending us that 6th-round pick back from last season?

"We only showed a little bit of what we can do. What do you say after a preseason game? I’m just glad we kept people healthy and didn’t play all 15 minutes of that overtime.’’
Kansas City coach Dick Vermeil,

CK: Perspective.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at