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Cyber Chiefs

Scanning the web for Chiefs chunks


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The KC Star shifted its focus to contract negotiations on Sunday, splattering its web site with two pieces debating the negotiations of yet another first round draft pick and franchise player holdouts.

Early in training camp, Peterson called himself “one tough son of a (gun)” when it comes to contract negotiation.

“I guess I’m just a tough son of a (gun) in the negotiating room.”

CK: Defense wins championships? Not in KC. Tough guy negotiators do.

[Carl Peterson] still remembers his first negotiation over a first-round draft pick.
“It was Roynell Young, a defensive back out of Alcorn State,” Peterson recalled. “It was 1980. Anyway, the agent comes out with an unbelievable offer, we call ‘em moonshots….”

CK: I still remember the last playoff victory the Chiefs accomplished. It was 1993 against Houston. Not the Texans, the Oilers nearly nine years ago.

Contrary to popular belief, Peterson doesn’t handle all of the team’s negotiations. Executive vice president/assistant general manager Denny Thum has been active in the negotiations with Sims’ agent, and Duane Bailey, the team’s salary-cap guru, has handled some of the later-round signings.

CK: Yes but are they tough negotiators?

Peterson on 1st round draft pick Ryan Sims—

“We’ve made a good offer, now it’s his decision. Right now, it would be in his best interests to get into camp. We have a lot of depth at the defensive-tackle position and it would be good to see Ryan come in and compete.”

CK: Peterson is accurate that Sims needs to be in camp. But the Chiefs gave up a third round pick this year and a sixth round selection next year for this kid. He had better be able to do more than ‘compete.’

David Moore chimes in with more Gonzo on

“Tony Gonzalez will tell you basketball has made him a better football player. Now, his love for the sport is at the heart of his impasse with Kansas City.

Pardon the Chiefs if they don’t chuckle at the irony. The sight of Billy Baber and others dropping passes in these scrimmages with Minnesota makes club officials a little sensitive on the matter.”

CK: Gonzalez is on a media blitz trying to convince fans he’s not the bad guy. It’s a decent strategy as long as he keeps his agent Tom Condon from talking to the press.
John Clayton opines in his column at

“Dick Vermeil signed a three-year contract with the Chiefs, so Year 2 is important. Vermeil didn’t come out of retirement to coach 10-loss teams. He’s used to building teams slowly toward Super Bowls. But he’s 65. The Chiefs better improve. Fortunately, they should.”

CK: Chiefs fans hope Clayton is accurate with that last statement.

Vermeil found Green a go-to receiver in Johnnie Morton, who should catch 80 passes in this offense. Eddie Kennison, after failures in four other stops, could be the deep answer at split end. Kennison finished the season impressively after quitting after getting a starting job with the Broncos.

CK: Clayton gives a very ‘forward looking’ assessment of the Chiefs chances for this season.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at