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Cyber Chiefs

Searching the web for team tidbits


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Cyber Chiefs is another feature offered by to bring you complete Kansas City Chiefs coverage.

Each update will contain a variety of Chiefs news, notes and gossip from various Web sites on the Internet.


UW at River Falls ( ) reports that head coach Dick Vermeil was looking forward to seeing WR Marc Boerigter in pre-season game situations. Boerigter is challenging for the # 3 spot at WR. Unfortunately Boerigter came down with an apparent attack of appendicitis on Sunday morning.

“If he has appendicitis and they do it electroscopically, he’ll be back in two weeks,” Vermeil stated on the site.

Vermeil sounds like Yogi Berra using words like eloctroscopically. His timetable is accurate though—That would put Boerigter back on the field for pre-season game number two.

Note: The AP reported that Boerigter had his appendix removed early Sunday.


Rick Dean of CJ-Online opines that head coach Dick Vermeil may have an irrational exuberance about the KC Chiefs WR position this season.

Vermeil is quoted in the piece, “There’s no comparison, no comparison, We’ll have guys who won’t make the team this year who would have made it last year. I really believe that.”

It’s hard to blame Vermeil after last season’s disastrous output by the WR’s.


Ivan Carter of the Star opines in his daily update from camp that left offensive tackle Willie Roaf is dominating the defensive ends that have went up against him so far in camp.

He also states that rookie defensive lineman Eddie Freeman is starting to get under the skin of many of the Chiefs offensive linemen. “The kid loves to get nasty on the football field,” Carter said in his Sunday column.

Chiefs fans will see how left offensive tackle is supposed to be played if Roaf stays healthy.

Freeman is number one on the depth chart while Chiefs’ number one draft pick Ryan Sims holds out. The Chiefs definitely need “nasty” to rear its head on defense.


The Chiefs official Web site reports that the August 3rd practice against the Vikings will be broadcast live for season ticket holders at the Pavilion at Arrowhead Stadium.

The team also announced that the August 10th pre-season game will be shown on 4 HDTV’s at the Pavilion. All fans are welcome to attend this event. The Chiefs state that former Chiefs players will be on hand to provide commentary and fans will have an opportunity to see the Chiefs new History Display highlighting the first 42 years of the franchise.

More information available at

Nice touch by the team. If you’ve never watched a game in high-def, it’s worth the trip to Arrowhead.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at