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Cheifs Chatter

Expect more propaganda from Peterson and Condon

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Let the propaganda begin.

Chiefs’ president, general manager and all around grand pubah Carl Peterson is mailing letters to Joe Posnanski, resident homer and a columnist for the KC Star.

According to a piece authored by JoPo, Peterson is pissed. (Loved the Quentin Tarantino reference and the Three Stooges references in the column, by the way.) He wanted the fans of the KC Chiefs to understand that franchise-tagged TE Tony Gonzalez has turned down a bunch of cash. According to Peterson it was more money than had ever been offered to any Chiefs player. More than has been offered to any TE….ever.

Peterson’s clear message—Mounds of cash were offered and it was turned down. It’s not his fault Gonzo is not in mini-camp. It’s not his fault he remains unsigned.

Whew, it’s only May and we are already posturing.


Gonzo’s agent is KC based Tom Condon and has yet to answer Peterson’s week old salvo. Then again, after his inept handling of the union refs bluff last season that may be a wise decision. He came out looking ridiculous on that situation, and without the cancellation of week two and NFL media and fan base concerned with post September 11th real problems, Condon would have been ridiculed from the way he handled that debacle.

I’ve yet to witness Condon handling the media very well.

As bad as Peterson comes across in the press at times, his strength here is agent Condon. Few Chiefs’ fans will want to turn on an all-world TE, but none will have any problem cursing Condon if this drags on.


Gonzo’s response: Silence. Why should he get involved?

The comments about not getting the ball enough at the end of last season came across as selfish. Gonzo is smart and learned from that mistake.

His best bet is to just remain silent hang out enjoying the weather of California playing hoops and staying in shape. Where do you want him to be, dodging tornadoes in KC?

He spoke to James Brown of The Sporting News radio network on Monday and said all the right things. "I'm working out, I want to be a Kansas City Chief, and I want to get this deal done." He specifically said that he understood that you can't take any of the negotiations personal and referred any specifics on the negotiations to guess who? His new agent Tom Condon.

It would benefit the team if he were at mini-camp building a better rapport with QB Trent Green. He could meet newly acquired WR’s Johnny Morton and Marc Boerigter. It would give the Chiefs’ more time to figure out a way to get him more involved in the offense.


But don’t expect it. Gonzo will not be in KC, or any camp for sometime. It’s becoming clear Condon will make sure of that. Condon is the subject of Peterson’s ire and Gonzalez will continue to hang out, stay in shape and shoot some hoops.

If there becomes a war of words and propaganda, it will be carried out between Condon and Peterson.

Propaganda is a fine tool when used correctly and it helps when you have a member of the press willing to advance it for you.

Peterson has done just that and did a fine job by putting Condon on the defensive.

The initial salvo has been fired. The propaganda war is underway. You’re up next, Mr. Condon——who will your letter be addressed to?

(CK Rairden can be reached at