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Grading the AFC West team's drafts

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Due to realignment the AFC West is now down to the four original teams: KC, Oakland, Denver and San Diego.

And while the Chiefs were busy trying to add players to make their squad better, so were the other three teams. Here's how we grade their efforts.

Oakland: The Raiders basically traded away their greatest asset before the draft even began when they allowed head coach Jon Gruden to leave the team to coach Tampa Bay.

Sure, they got some draft picks in return but unless one of those picks can override owner Al Davis’ wishes the Raiders run a huge risk of being just like they were in the 90s—tons of talent and horrible coaching.

The draft was very good personnel wise as the two first round picks will make an immediate impact. Some of the lower selections show once again that Al is back in charge.

Grade D. (A grade for the players selected and an F- for not keeping Gruden.)


Denver went for speed. Ashley Lelie is a WR out of Hawaii that has the possibility of bust written all over him. He could also be a superstar. RB Clinton Portis from Miami in the second round signals that head coach Mike Shanahan finally realizes that his cut block scheme is over and he had better find a back that can break tackles. They made the moves they had to and have improved their team.
Grade B+

San Diego: Schottenheimer had the best overall player in the draft fall right into his lap with CB Quentin Jammer. This guy is a young Dale Carter without the baggage. He can cover and make a hit. A home run pick. The rest of the draft leaves a bit to be desired but Jammer gets the Bolts a nice grade.
Grade B+