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Cheifs Chatter

A microcosm of the season
Three columns for the price of one today


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The curtain falls on the 2001 season for the Kansas City Chiefs in Seattle in defeat 21-18. The game was a microcosm of the season as the Chiefs got behind early, staged a nice rally, but fell just short.

As a season ending special, three column formats for the price of one.

The Chiefs defensive interior was weak all season and this game was true to form. The “help wanted” sign is being formatted and sent to available free agents who play defensive tackle around the league. There was no pressure on the quarterback during this game without blitz packages and no run support from the defensive tackles either.

Look for the Chiefs to use their first round draft pick on a defensive tackle.

A scary moment came late in the first half on a “Hail Mary” pass into the far corner of the end zone when Seattle safety Kerry Joseph rolled up on the left leg of Chiefs all-pro TE Tony Gonzalez. He stayed down for a few minutes before being assisted off the field and did not return.

The Chiefs released an update stating that Gonzo had a ‘sprained knee’ but an MRI will not be performed until Monday morning. The moment of truth came when Gonzalez stated to the trainers and teammates, “It popped” while sitting in the end zone.

Gonzalez will become a free agent unless the Chiefs re-sign or designate him as the franchise player between now and Feb. 21.

Expect one of those two to happen even if the injury is serious.

Eddie Kennison played in the last four games for the team and the Chiefs went 3-1 in that span.

Coincidence? Nah. I had little understanding of the late signing of Kennison. But he has given the Chiefs a deep threat that they needed. He also shed his ‘hands of stone” moniker that had plagued him in Denver.

The Chiefs have got a bit of a nucleus started. They rid themselves of many locker room problems and cleared some much needed salary cap space. That is a good thing as many holes remain on this 6-10 football team.

Zone Blitz Bits—

RB Priest Holmes set a bunch of Chiefs team records in this game.

·Most rushing yards in a season

·Most offensive ‘touches’ in a season. (Rushing attempts and pass receptions)

·Most receiving yards in a season.

·Most total yards in a season.

Priest Holmes updated stats:

Rushing: 327 carries for 1555 yards at 4.8 ypc and 8tds

Receiving: 62 catches for 614 yards at 9.9 ypr and 2tds

Combined: 389 touches for 2169 yards at 5.6 ypt and 10tds

·He bested Jets RB Curtis Martin and the rest of the NFL for the 2001 rushing title.

·He led the league in total yards beating out the Rams Marshall Faulk by 22 yards 2,169 total yards to Faulk’s 2147.

No Chiefs player has ever had a better statistical season.

Holmes alone made it easy to watch the last few meaningless games.

· Tony Gonzalez gets an MRI on his injured left knee today. (Monday)

· John Tait had another big mistake on a late drive with a false start penalty.

· The 65-yard pass play from QB Trent Green to WR Eddie Kennison was a perfect pass and a great catch. A sign of things to come?

· The Chiefs offensive line as a whole deserves a lot of credit for Holmes record-setting season.

· The Chiefs offensive line as a whole deserves a lot of the blame for the pressure opposing teams put on Trent Green.

· The Chiefs could have rolled over and quit down 14-0 at halftime in a meaningless road game. Most of them didn’t and that says a lot for the heart of the players on this team and it’s coach’s abilities to keep the team interested.

Take A Memo—
· KC Chiefs
To Derrick Alexander-
Welcome to the NFL expansion draft.

To LB Glen Cadrez-
Great hustle. You are probably back next season with your special teams play.

To DC Greg Robinson-
As you seem to enjoy rushing three linemen, you’d better begin campaigning for a defensive lineman with the first round draft pick.

To ST Coach Frank Gansz, Jr.-
Kinko’s makes a bang up résumé.

To K Todd Peterson-
Thanks for the memories, good luck in your next endeavor.

To KR Dante Hall-
Check Todd Peterson’s memo.

To OC Al Saunders-
Nice adjustments.
Everyone Else-

To Elvis Grbac-
Nice job taking a Super Bowl champ to a wannabe playoff team.

To the New Orleans Saints-
Nice to see you quit on your season. Combined score in the Aint’s last 2-games: 78-10.

To the Carolina Panthers-
Losing 15-straight ain’t easy. Good-bye HC George Siefert.

To Marty Schottenheimer-
And the stooges-
Dan Snyder just called, he wants his money and his team back.

To the Raiders-
Do you have a preference? Chokeland or Faiders?

To the Minnesota Vikings-
Go Vikings!