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Landmark Power Poll

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Rams are rolling towards the Super Bowl and unless Bettis makes a return the Steelers will leave the AFC wide open.

Two spots remain in the AFC playoff chase with three teams vying for the spot.

Seattle, Baltimore and the Jets.

Baltimore and Seattle finish the season with wins and the Jets lose in Oakland giving the 'Hawks and Ravens the final two spots.

Paul Hackett gets fired as Jets offensive coordinator.

Top Five—

1) 102 RAMS—Should finish 14-2

2) 92 Da’ Bears—They just keep winning.

3) 92 PACKERS—No one wants to play these guys in the playoffs.

3) 92 STEELERS—What was that against Cincy?

5) 92 49ers—What was that in Dallas?

Bottom Five—

30) 71 Bills—Nice win, still in the bottom five.

29) 71 Bengals—Nice effort in Baltimore.

27) 70 Vikings—Can you say quitters?

28) 69 Lions—Jay Leno, you can kiss...uh-nevermind.

31) 69 Panthers—With a loss this week they set the all time NFL record for consecutive losses with 15.