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Landmark Power Poll


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Raiders fall out of favor in this week’s Landmark Power Poll. And to think Faiders fans were once e-mailing the poll wanting to know why they weren’t number one ahead of the Rams.

Another home loss—that’s why.

Only one AFC Team makes the top 5 and the Vikings head for the bottom five and will likely remain there for the rest of the season.

Week Sixteen—"Movin’ on Up"—
88) Packers—Peaking at the right time.

Week Sixteen—"Headed South"—

74) Quitters—Oh wait—check that—that is spelled V-i-k-i-n-g-s.

Top Five—

1) 100 RAMS—Should finish 14-2

2) 96 STEELERS—Who needs the Bus?

3) 93 49ers—Great goal-line stand.

4) 88 Da’ Bears—They just keep winning.

5) 88 PACKERS—No one wants to play these guys in the playoffs.

Bottom Five—

27) 74 Vikings—Can you say quitters?

28) 74 Lions—Back to losing.

29) 71 Bengals—Nice effort in Baltimore.

30) 71 Bills—2-14?

31) 71 Panthers—With a loss this week they tie the all time NFL record for consecutive losses with 14.