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by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs achieved the role of spoiler by virtually eliminating the Broncos from the playoffs with last week's OT victory. The also eliminated themselves from the bottom five of The Landmark Power Poll.

The Rams and Steelers look to be on a collision course headed for New Orleans and are head and shoulders above the rest of the Top five.

Three Saturday games are the games of the week. Miami/New England winner leads the AFC East. New England gets the call. A possible upset brewing in Oakland as the Titans are finally playing better. Titans pull it off. Philly takes it's 6-0 road record to San Francisco where 49er QB Jeff Garcia is banged up. He should play, but Philly moves it's road record to 7-0.

Top Five—

1) 99 RAMS—Should finish 14-2

2) 96 STEELERS—Will the real Kordell Stewart please stand up.

3) 90 49ers—Game of the Year WINNER!

4) 88 Da' Bears--They just keep winning.

5) 88 Raiders--Desperately need a week one playoff bye.

Bottom Five—

27) 78 Chargers--Flutie magic is over.

28) 74 Lions—Jay Leno--You can kiss my ass..

29) 71 Bengals—Welcome home.

30) 71 Bills—This team stinks.

31) 71 Panthers—Welcome to the bottom.