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Cheifs Chatter

Take A Memo:
Torching Broncos' playoff hopes


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Vermeil may now have a grasp on the rivalries that envelop the AFC West.

The Broncos verbally attacked newly acquired WR Eddie Kennison during the middle of last week and the first guy to his defense was none other than coach Vermeil. He also threw out a little smack of his own towards the heavily fined Broncos squad basically telling them to clean up their own mess before commenting on his.

There is no way to be certain if that is what fired up the Chiefs early in Sunday’s 26-23 victory over the hated Broncos, but they came out with an emotional swagger early and it set the stage for the game.

The crowd at the stadium sure noticed as they cheered wildly for Kennison in his early successes in this one.

This was a wild, sloppy game with a bunch of accolades and critiques—
Take A Memo.

• • •

—KR Dante Hall can’t break a tackle.

—RB Priest Holmes can break lots of tackles.

—The plan to get Kennison involved early set a nice tone.

—Hey—look what QB Trent Green can do with some receiver help.

—Do the Chiefs teach the kicker to drill the ball out of bounds at least once a game on kick-offs?

—Great acting job by Mazlowski in the 1st quarter drawing a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Broncos LB Ian Gold.

—In case Eric Warfield hasn’t noticed, Broncos WR Rod Smith likes to run crossing routes.

—This defense might be good if.....They had some decent defensive tackles.

—In case you are wondering, Priest Holmes is signed for 4 more years.

—The Chiefs won their second game after knocking out a starting QB. The first was in San Diego. Both were clean hits.

—Todd Peterson is one frustrating kicker, but I’m sure the Steelers would take him.

—Who’s that Derrick Alexander guy? He’s not bad when he shows up and plays.

—The WR’s had 223 yards receiving. Trent Green had a QB rating of 114.8 for the game. Coincidence? I think not.

—The call in OT to Snoop Minnis was brilliant. Once the corner bit on the in fake, it was wide open.

—Minnis should have scored a TD on that play.

—Eddie Kennison tallied 76 total yards on offense against his former team.

—The offensive line is great at run blocking.

—The offensive line is not so great at pass blocking and adjustments.

—Brian Waters belongs on the offensive line, not in the backfield as a fullback.

—The Chiefs punted only one time during the game and it’s a good thing as it was returned for 26 yards.

—Did anyone else notice that Vermeil called a timeout and froze his own kicker?

—Is OT John Tait regressing? His false start at the end of the 4th quarter was inexcusable and the Chiefs may not have needed OT if he could have been more disciplined.

—Expect a nice little Christmas donation from Dick Vermeil to NFL charities during his deserved criticism of the union refs during his post game comments. The NFL will fine him.

—(Tongue in cheek) It’s a shame the Chiefs had to torch the Broncos opportunity for the playoffs this season. (/tongue in cheek)