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Cheifs Chatter

The Zone Blitz:
A lot of deja vu


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

This Zone Blitz has a bit of deja vu.

Last year the Broncos had to play in Arrowhead with Gus Frerotte as their QB, same again this year. The Broncos need to win out to have a shot at a decent playoff position, at 3-9 the Chiefs just need a win.

The Chiefs face a dangerous, beat-up team this week. But with those injuries, especially if WR Rod Smith can’t go, the Chiefs can match up well with Denver.


The Chiefs have already been provided bulletin board material from Broncos LB John Mobley—

—"Knowing the way our defense felt about that situation, I think there could be a lot of cheap shots if (Eddie Kennison) gets out on that field.”

—The league office didn’t think much of the comment and sent a note to the Broncos warning the team that they will be watching for any cheap shots.

—Added Kennison, “I’ve had a few of my teammates come to me and say, We’ve got your back.”

—It’s likely much ado about nothing. Kennison should only see the field for a few plays unless a receiver goes down.


—Chiefs RB Priest Holmes leads the league in rushing and in case you haven’t been watching now gives the Chiefs two stars at two skill positions.

—That makes the offensive struggles look even worse.


—Broncos receiver Rod Smith is still nursing an injured ankle, though it is likely he will play.
—Bad news for the Chiefs as they don’t match up well with Smith and he has owned them in the past. He has 55 catches for 902 yards in his past eight games against Kansas City.


—RB Terrell Davis looked almost like the old TD last week, but he’s been so injury prone he has yet to string anything together for the last two seasons.

—The Denver receiver who left the Chiefs at the altar earlier this year may actually suit up for a game. Keith Poole has been upgraded to questionable for the game.


—Broncos CB Deltha O’Neal may be looking for an early Christmas present this weekend. He had four picks against Trent Green in the last meeting earlier this year.

—Chiefs QB Trent Green has protected the ball a bit better lately, and no longer leads the league in interceptions thrown. That will have to continue if the Chiefs have a chance.


This used to be a prime game for the networks, the fans and the media. Now that the Chiefs are in the cellar, and the Broncos are treading water, it holds only regional interest.

The reason to watch: RB Priest Holmes. Quiet, reserved and a punishing runner this guy alone is worth the price of admission.

A close one, but the Broncos pull it off—24-22.