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by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Game of the week? Pittsburgh in Baltimore.

Looks like the Steelers will play another game without Bettis, but if they can get that kicker to hit a few FG’s it shouldn’t matter. Steelers 3-0 at PSI.Net Stadium and have dominated Grbac forever. Steelers win on the road.

Game of the week part II—and the interconference game of the year—49ers vs. Miami.

Game of the week part III; Monday Night Football—the Rams in New Orleans. Rams will finally get a win versus the Saints.

Top Five—
1) 97 RAMS—Rolling.
2) 92 PACKERS—Damn good team.
3) 92 STEELERS—Winning without the Bus.
5) 87 DOLPHINS—Still rolling along.
4) 89 49ers—Losing on the road to the Rams no crime.

Bottom Five—
27) 76 Bills—Awful.
28) 76 Chiefs—Vermeil now saying it may be 2 more years before KC fields a playoff contender.
29) 76 Bengals—Welcome home.
30) 73 Panthers—Comedy.
31) 70 Lions—Still winless.

Week Fourteen—"Movin’ on Up”—
87) Pittsburgh Steelers—Can seal up AFC Central with win over Ravens.

Week Fourteen—"Headed South”—
85) Cleveland Browns—Fun while it lasted.