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Take a Memo:
Who's calling the plays?


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The curse of Mike Stock lives on. The Chiefs Un-special teams gave up 249 return yards. Chiefs kicker Todd Peterson who had hit 14 meaningless FG’s in a row blew a chip shot late in the 2nd quarter and it wound up being the difference in the game.

And who is calling these plays on 4th and 1? And on the 2-point conversion?

Who gets credit, blame, and suggestions for each—?

Take A Memo—

• • •

—It’s 4th and inches, your defense has begun to play well. Punt.

—OK—You are 3-8. You feel like gambling a bit——what have you got to lose? I can respect that. Give the ball to T Rich? No, no, no. # 31—Priest Holmes.

—Hello—Kinkos. My name is Frank Gansz, Jr. I need to prepare a résumé.

—Passes bounce off of Eddie “hands of stone” Kennison in a Chiefs uniform just like they did when he wore a Broncos uniform.

—On 4th and inches—give the ball to Priest Holmes.

—On a 2-point conversion attempt to tie the game late in the 4th quarter—give the ball to Priest Holmes.

—A pass to Gonzo—Oh he drops it.

—A pass to Kennison—Oh he drops it.

—A pass to Minnis—Oh he drops it.

—A pass to Richardson—Oh he drops it.

—A pass to Alexander—Oh he drops it.

—Did I mention that the Chiefs need to get the ball to Priest Holmes on tough short-yardage plays?

—Chiefs defense: Rich Gannon like to run the bootleg to the left.

—Rich Gannon is now 5-1 against the Chiefs since being dumped in favor of Grbac.

—Tough start for Kennison—couldn’t even figure out which way to point after a Chiefs fumble recovery.

—Didn’t Tony Gonzalez look just like he did in his rookie season today?

—What logic was behind keeping Mikheal Ricks on the roster?

—Have you ever witnessed a slower set of receivers on a NFL team?

—Jon Gruden and the Raiders staff coached a lousy game.

—Dick Vermeil and the Chiefs coaching staff were still out-coached.

—How’s a top five draft pick in next year’s NFL draft sound?