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Landmark Power Poll:
Rams still on top


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Rams vs. the 49ers is a true #1 vs. #2 classic, let’s hope it lives up to the hype. The Steelers face a test without Bettis against the Jets. Combine that with the Bears vs. the Packers and that makes the for the best NFL weekend of the season.

1) 95 Rams (9-2). Number 1 the whole season.

2) 90 49ers (9-2). The 49ers’ two losses are against teams with a combined record of 18-4. The biggest game this year so far #1 vs. #2.

3) 89 Steelers (9-2). They just win.

4) 88 Bears (9-2). Is that record correct?

5) 88 Raiders (8-3). This defense sucks.

27) 78 Chiefs (3-8). Signing quitters to improve the team.

28) 77 Jags (3-8). Lost a game that was given to them by GB.

29) 73 Bills (1-10) They stink.

30) 72 Panthers (1-11) They stink worse.

31) 68 Lions (0-11) 0-16 a possibility.