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Friday Morning Quarterback:
This game was over early


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

This game was over as soon as the Eagles used a nine yard unchallenged onside kick to begin the game.

Dick Vermeil didn’t think so, “It startled us, but I don’t think it hurt us. What did they get, 3 points?”

Yes coach—they got three points, then seven more, then another FG before you scored a point. It set the stage for the game.

The Chiefs coaching staff/management staff——whoever is in charge of this aspect of the game needs improvement or needs an assistant. The two blown replay calls the Chiefs could have had reversed is a microcosm of the failures of this aspect of the game.

The Chiefs never recovered and whatever game plan was to be implemented was gone. The Eagles did exactly what they advertised, eight men in the box, trying to stop Holmes. They threw everything they could at Tony Gonzalez and it worked reasonably well.

The Eagles held a huge time of possession advantage, played their brand of football, dictated the game to the Chiefs and were the better team.

This game was not a disaster.

•QB Trent Green was patient, took a huge hit on his knee and kept his head for most of the game. His interception was a chance that he had to take.

•RB Priest Holmes is the real deal. Even after his fumble he came back even stronger. He runs hard, and makes plays after the catch. He’s a perfect fit for this offense, but needs some help.

•KR Dante Hall finally got a decent kick return, but still is a total loss as a returner, a receiver or whatever he is.

•WR Derrick Alexander showed up and played fairly well. His TD catch looked like last year’s Chiefs MVP player. He stated after the game that he is “100% healthy” and it would help Green’s development if he could sty that way as the Chiefs play out the string.

•LB Marvcus Patton played like a man among boys from sideline to sideline and, like Holmes, never quit.

•The Eagles are a far better team than the Chiefs. And now that Arrowhead holds no advantage, the result of this game was not a surprise. One thing was very clear as the clock wound down——the Chiefs didn’t quit.

•That attitude must remain as the season winds down.