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Take a Memo:
Examining another loss


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

What was the reason for bringing back these greedy Union refs?

•Here’s something a Union ref can go over in his 4-hour conference call—an onside kick must travel 10 yards.

•Here’s one they can watch during their 20 hours of film study—a pass that bounces off the ground is incomplete.

•Didn’t a brilliant Landmark columnist suggest that the Chiefs hire someone to monitor the game and give instant replay suggestions?

•How could the Chiefs not challenge the initial kick off that obviously didn’t travel 10 yards?

•According to ESPN, even when the Chiefs attempted to challenge an obvious incomplete pass it is denied because the wording is wrong.

Eagles 3-0

•What good is having a kicker if you don’t have enough confidence in him to allow him to attempt a 49-yard FG?

•Four, count ‘em four, missed tackles on the 36-yard TD screen pass to Duce Staley.

Eagles 10-0.

•There was no need to abandon the run game at 3-0, 10-0.

Eagles 13-0.

•The Chiefs clock management is so bad—

•How bad is it?

•They need four minutes to run a two-minute drill.

Eagles 13-3.

•Can someone teach our cornerbacks to read the opposing receiver’s eyes and turn around when the ball is in the air? Another pass interference call.

Eagles 20-3.

•Dante Hall—untouched, hits the crease and…is tackled solo by the kicker. Explain to me again why he is on the roster?

•The TD pass from Green to Alexander was a thing of beauty. Is it fair to call Alexander a tease?

Eagles 20-10.

•Perhaps use a spy on a running QB like McNabb.
Eagles 23-10.

•All Bartee had to do was make a tackle and the drive is stopped with a three and out. He couldn’t.

•The Eagles get four more plays and burn two more minutes off the clock.

•Nice start to a drive for a chance to cut the lead to six…fumble. Priest Holmes’ first mistake of the night.

•Priest Holmes makes some great moves on a 37-yard screen pass and instead of using a timeout the Chiefs rush to the line of scrimmage.

•The result, Trent Green throws his league leading 17th interception on a desperate heave into the endzone.

•Chiefs defense holds——score is still 23-10.

•A 16-yard run by Holmes shows he absolutely won’t quit.

•Trent Green takes the hardest hit of the season to his right knee and gets up.

•The Chiefs turn the ball over on downs.

•A 3-8 record. Playing out the string and it's time to find out who can play when the games are meaningless, starting with the Raiders game in Oakland.