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Zone Blitz:

A KC-Philly preview


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Eagles have an aggressive defense that will not hesitate to load eight or nine players near the line of scrimmage to thwart Priest Holmes. Their defensive coordinator has put a bulls-eye on TE Tony Gonzalez and will switch coverage on him.

The Eagles' offense was anemic last week only producing 3 points and less than 200 yards of total offense. Combine that with the Chiefs offensive struggles and a forecast of 20 degrees for game time and this has low scoring smash mouth football written all over it.


-One wrench in that plan will be the Eagles attempts to exploit the Chiefs’ corners. They plan to go at Bartee and Warfield early.

-Also sensing the slump, the Eagles offensive coordinator Rod Dowhower has told Eagles QB Donovan McNabb to “loosen up” and have more fun during the games.

-McNabb agreed, “The past couple of weeks, we’ve been too tight, we’re trying to be too precise.” This could spell trouble for the Chiefs defense, as McNabb is more effective in space and on the run.

-Eagles’ LB Carlos Emmons will draw the majority of coverage on Chiefs’ TE Tony Gonzalez. They know each other well as Emmons faced TG three straight years when he was with the Steelers, although he didn‘t cover the Chiefs All-Pro much in those Steelers schemes.

-Gonzo claims to not remember much about Emmons, but Emmons admitted he remembered Gonzo, “I feel he’s the best tight end in the game.”

-WR Snoop Minnis is back at practice and appears ready to start Thursday night after missing last week’s win over Seattle with an ankle injury.

-Brian Watters will get his second straight start at left guard and the Chiefs want to see him succeed, as they want to cement him in the starting line up.

-The Eagles are 19th against the run and can be dominated by a good RB. Expect Priest Holmes early and often, combined with play action.

-The Chiefs must get some production from at least one wide receiver or the Eagles defense will lock on Holmes and Gonzalez.

-Scary stat——The Eagles are 4-0 on the road and the Chiefs are 1-4 at home.