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Take a Memo:

Finally, an Arrowhead victory


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Who are these guys?

All this time it looks as if the Chiefs only needed a week off to regroup. KC comes out, physically dominates a Seahawks team that has a shot at the playoffs and finally gets an Arrowhead victory. A decent game plan was employed on both sides of the ball and the Chiefs played to their potential.

This was desperately needed and will give some a reason to tune in again next week. Good game fellas——that was fun to watch.

Give me a second. I’m making reservations for Hawaii for Priest Holmes.

OK—Take a Memo——

—Trent Green, ZERO INT’s!!!!

—Trent Green has proven at least one thing with this game—he can take serious hits and keep playing.

—For those keeping score at home Priest Holmes led the team in rushing yards and receiving yards against Seattle.

—Mike Cloud is still on the roster? Nice run.

—Coach Vermeil, this is why so many asked and begged a consideration of an offense that adapts to the personnel.

—Coach Saunders—see memo to Coach Vermeil.

—Hey—they have this new play called a “Hail Mary” that you can throw from the 50-yard line with only a few seconds remaining. Sometimes teams score TD’s with it. Try it next time instead of taking a knee.

—For the umpteenth time—Dante Hall is a waste of roster space. Has anyone seen him and Carlton Grey in the same darkroom—developing some pictures?

—Our receivers may have the worst hands of any in football.

—On 3rd and a centimeter—QB sneak. Don’t turn and hand the ball to T Rich 3 yards deep.

—Air Guitar? How about an air block by Brian Watters on Jon Randle?

—Still too many red zone failures.

—Seattle’s Shaun Alexander reminds me of Marcus Allen with his patience, cutback ability and vision.

—Shaun Alexander does not look like Marcus Allen picking up a blitz.

—Did I mention that Dante Hall should be cut?

—Mr. Holmes, that will be first-class on your flight? Correct.