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by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs are right on the edge of the bottom five at # 26. The only thing saving them is the ineptness of those below them. As predicted last week in the "Going South" section--the Chargers are falling. It's the Bears turn this week.

Top Five—

1) 96 RAMS—Rolling.

2) 90 PACKERS—Damn good team

3) 92 RAIDERS—Stop sending those whiny e-mails Raider fans. Not close to the Rams until they can stop the run.

4) 89 49ers—Infighting can't stop the Niners.

5) 87 DOLPHINS—Quietly winning games.

Bottom Five—

27) 76 Bills—Awful.

28) 76 Cowboys—I thought Leaf would improve them.

29) 76 Cardinals—May lose to the Lions.

30) 73 Panthers—Comedy.

31) 70 Lions—Still winless.

Week Ten--"Movin' on Up"--

87) Miami Dolphins--Three straight wins--tough schedule ahead.

Week Ten--"Headed South"--

85) Chicago Bears--Paper Bear.