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Monday Morning Quarterback:
Lack of effort will chase away fans


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Dick Vermeil cried with his buddy before the game. Dick Vermeil then cursed after the game.

Chiefs’ fans cursed during the game. Chiefs’ fans then cried with their buddies after the game.

“I’m pissed off,” Vermeil would say in his post game comments.

Get in line, it stretches around the block.

• • •

The reasons Chiefs fans cursed during the game:

—Another deflected pass early by TrINT Green. This one stopped the opening drive by resulting in an interception.

—Both the offensive and defensive lines being dominated by the opposition.

—The defense rushing only two linemen in many passing situations. Jets QB Vinny Testaverde throws a bunch of INT’s himself—when under pressure. Perhaps you should have pressured him.

—A 96-yard drive to begin the second quarter where the soft defensive style was exploited at will by the Jets.

—The offensive line’s inability to provide adequate protection.

—The second interception by TrINT Green.

—A third interception by TrINT Green.

—A 25-yard TD run on the ensuing drive on 4th down.

—A standing failure to stop the run in the second half.

—A clean uniform on Vinny Testaverde.

• • •

The reasons the Chiefs fans cried after the game:

A)—No wide receiver help coming.

B)—No defensive line help coming.

C)—No roster moves coming.

—Little hope for the Chiefs to be competitive in games without A, B, and C being implemented.

• • •
The talk of how the process of the Vermeil formula produces losing teams for a while before success is achieved was shrugged off before this dismal season started.

Chiefs fans could have likely taken a 4-12 campaign if they could see some effort, some changes, or some adjustments made as failure is displayed week after week. But as little is done to improve the situation as it unfolds Chiefs fans patience is wearing thin.

Chiefs management may want to watch a view of the stands of the week one loss to Oakland. A sold out and fully attended ‘sea of red’ gathering of Chiefs supporters reached a fever pitch as the team faced the Raiders. Keep that picture in your mind, as you won’t see it again this season.

Between the stubborn lack of personnel moves and the personnel mistakes, the final four Chiefs home games will play out in front of not only dwindling crowds at Arrowhead, but dwindling numbers on TV