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Cheifs Chatter

Take a Memo:
Use bye week for roster moves


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Nice effort.

The Chiefs gained nothing from their victory last week in San Diego unless they learned it was probably a fluke. The team played listless, boring football and were routed 27-7 in New Jersey.

Another uninspiring effort by TrINT Green who finished the game with a, gulp...35.4 QB rating.

He pushed his league leading interception total to 16. Only five completions were recorded by the wideouts. The Chiefs committed four turnovers. The player of the game was the punter. The reward (at least for the fans) is a bye week.

Yes they are bad. Yes they have lousy personnel. Yes the coaches have done an awful job. Need documentation--

Take A Memo:

--I have an incredible list from the beating the Jets and Paul Hackett put on the Chiefs but they seem repetitive. The Chiefs now receive an undeserved week off due to a scheduled NFL bye.

--Forget the criticism from this game it’s time for some changes no matter how slight they may be.

--Use these 14 days off for some roster moves.

--Admit that the four wide receiver, four tight end roster configuration is a mistake.

--Admit that you don’t need 7 LB’s on the roster.

--Cut WR/KR Dante Hall. He is no threat on special teams and can’t play receiver.

--Cut TE/WR Mikhael Ricks. Ricks may have talent, but he doesn’t fit.

--Re-sign WR/KR Tony Horne. Sure he looked awful in pre-season, but he can’t be worse then Hall.

--If you are against that sign WR Travis McGriff. You may want to hurry or Denver will re-sign him and you will lose yet another receiver to the Broncos.

--Promote KR Aveion Carson from the practice squad to return kicks.

--Cut LB Larry Atkins. Yes I know he’s from UCLA. You’re not in SoCal anymore. He couldn’t make it as a safety and can’t play LB. You should be able to finish the season with 6 LB’s on the roster.

--Sign WR Dave Klemic from the practice squad. I have no idea if he has any talent, but how are we to know? Get him on the active roster and play him.

--Use the rest of the season to evaluate what talent you have and figure out who wants to play for the Chiefs.

These slight moves will change little on a team that is playing uninspired football for the most part. But it will give the team a chance to create a better-balanced roster for the offense the team is attempting to run.