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by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs escape the bottom five due to a win and the complete ineptness of some horrible NFL teams.

The DC Chiefs have found the “gleam” and are also out of the bottom five.

Top Five—

1) 96 RAMS—Perfect timing for the bye week.
2) 92 RAIDERS—Inching closer to the Rams
3) 87 PACKERS—Showdown with Chicago.
5) 87 Da Bears—Best defense in the NFL.
4) 87 49ers—Infighting can’t stop the Niners.

Bottom Five—
27) 76 Bills—Awful.
28) 76 Cowboys—Now starting for the Cowboys: Number 16, Cryan Leaf.
29) 76 Cardinals—Diamondbacks have a better offense.
30) 73 Panthers—Comedy.
31) 70) Lions—Still winless.

Week Nine—"Movin’ on Up”—
83) Washington Redskins—
Marty in the playoffs? Anything is possible in that sorry division.

Week Nine—"Headed South”—
85) San Diego Chargers—
Cinderella just lost her slipper. Loss to the Chiefs will be multiplied with two more division losses to Denver and Oakland in the next two weeks.