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Cheifs Chatter

Zone Blitz:
Quarterback play will be key


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs make a trip to the Meadowlands to play an ugly team on Sunday. However bad they have looked, the Jets have had success.

It’s a miracle they have a 5-3 record, as they are awful against the run. Jets RB Curtis Martin is the AFC’s # 1 rusher. Number 2? The Chiefs’ Priest Holmes.

Whichever team's QB makes the least mistakes will likely take a home a victory for his side.


—Look for Vermeil to tear up when he meets Jets coach Herman Edwards before the game. The two go way back and Edwards credits Vermeil for his start in coaching.

—When asked by the NY media whether or not it would be a Kleenex moment Vermeil quipped, “Damn right.”

—Another coaching connection—Paul Hackett, the now offensive coordinator of the Jets.

—Hackett has already come under fire for—what else—being too conservative in his game plans.

—The Jets are number 31 against the run on defense.

—The Chiefs are number 29 against the run on defense.

—Vermeil blames himself for cutting veteran defensive tackle Steve Martin from the Chiefs. “No coach is immune to making a personnel mistake and I think I did in that situation.”

—The Jets have only 2 TD’s in their last 38 possessions.

—Keep an eye on Jets TE Anthony Becht. He is quickly becoming an integral part of the Jets offense.

—Watch out Trent Green—Jets DE John Abraham already has 7.5 sacks.

—OT John Tait redeemed himself a bit against the Chargers last week after his awful performance against Indy.

—It doesn’t get any easier as he will face Abraham on many plays.

—The Jets have a 1-3 home record.

—The Chiefs have a 2-2-road record.

—Chiefs are on a 12-game losing streak on the road against AFC East teams.

—The last victory on the road against an AFC East team was in 1992. It was over the Jets 23-7 and was the game where Jets DE Dennis Byrd suffered a career-ending spinal cord injury.

—So the Jets stink at home and the Chiefs are respectable on the road. A Chiefs victory? Possible, but not likely. Jets over Chiefs 24-20.