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The Chiefs last drive featured Priest Holmes and Trent Green. Both were flawless and that must have been what the Chiefs had in mind when they made the moves to bring those two in on the eve of the 2001 NFL draft. It's several games too late for this season, but can be used as a building block.

What an ending---for once the Chiefs were on the other end of poor clock management. Mistakes were made, but lessons had to be learned.

Pad and pencil in hand?

Take A Memo.

--This just in…Priest Holmes is pretty damn good.

--When Trent Green limits his mistakes, he gives his team an opportunity to win.

--Offensive coordinator Al Saunders notched his second victory of the season; only this one wasn’t against one of the three stooges. He didn’t best Jimmy Raye; he beat one of the best…Norv Turner.

--The best thing that could happen to the Chargers in this game was Flutie going down.

--The six-yard screen to Gonzo late in the second quarter set up the Gonzo 40-yard pass to Ricks.

--Think SD has figured out the draw yet?

--Trent Green’s best pass of the day was incomplete. Everyone was covered in the endzone late in the second quarter and he threw the ball out of the back of the endzone. The result, 3 points instead of another killer interception.

--Gutsy call of the day—another fade pass to Ricks.

--Prevent defense? Dime package? Whatever you call it, it doesn’t work.

Around the NFL—

--From a Ravens fan—Elvis who?

--From a Pats fan-- Drew who?

--Monsters of the Midway? How about Miracle on the Midway?

--Was that Peyton Manning or Archie Manning?

--Winner of the 2001 helmet toss—the Saints Kyle Turley.

--QB controversy brewing in Baltimore.

--Are you an out-of work kicker? Apply to Bill Cowher.

--Who’s that team in DC and how have they won three straight?

--Will the winner of the NFC East be below .500?

--I thought Seahwks coach Mike Holmgren was a great judge of QB talent.

--Looking for Monday Morning QB? It's a day late. Look for it on Tuesday