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There is nothing I can write to make it better. I cannot understand what goes through Trent Green’s mind when he sets up and delivers a pass into the endzone. The result is becoming obvious. INT.

The three calls on first and 10 from the Colt’s 11-yard line were ridiculous. Three straight fade/jump balls and two to Ricks? But Green has no one to blame but himself for the decision to loft a ball into double coverage in the front corner of the endzone. He couldn’t have went and handed it to the Colts any better.

There were some positives from this one. The Chiefs lucked into a great personnel decision when Derrick (Dan Williams) Alexander strained his ribs bending over before the game. Larry Parker got his first career start and shined. Of course they could have taken note of this brilliant column that was in Thursday’s Platte County Landmark--

Just because the Chiefs are off to their worst start at home since the bi-Centennial doesn’t mean we will stop doling out the advice.

Bring out the legal pad---

Take A Memo--

To Receivers coach Charlie Joiner--

--Call up your old buddy Fred Bilitnekoff and see if he has any of that stick ‘em lying around.

--Take it and smear it all over Chris Thomas.

--Repeat as needed with Thomas, Ricks, etc.

To Dick Vermeil--

--Read my column more often. You need to start Larry Parker and Snoop Minnis, and bring in Chris Thomas as your number 3. No need to wait for Alexander to strain his back tying his shoes.

--Bench Derrick (Dan Williams) Alexander for the rest of the season unless injuries dictate otherwise.

--Hire someone to manage the clock even if it is their only responsibility.

To John Tait--

When did Jeff Criswell take over your body?

Just because you wear a red jersey doesn’t mean you are supposed to waive it as the end goes by with a ‘matador’ phantom block.

To Larry Parker--

This is your shot. You made this squad because of special teams now you have a shot at receiver. Make the most of it.

To Snoop Minnis--

Once again impressed with the way you have handled being benched. Nice effort, nice results.

To Priest Holmes--

As advertised. Hard to believe a team with this bad of a record will have a 1,000-yard rusher.

To Tony Richardson--

Nice to have you back.

To Trent Green--

Well--you can take a hit.

This season is over as far as a won/loss record. There is no need to force passes into coverage.

Develop a rapport with these skill players--

1) Tony Gonzalez

2) Larry Parker

3) Snoop Minnis

4) Priest Holmes

5) Tony Richardson

The rest are gone after this season. Work on the relationships that will help for the remainder of this season and look to build for next year.