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Cheifs Chatter

Monday Morning QB:
Personnel doesn't fit the offense


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

Arizona 23-Kansas City 3.

No that wasn’t the final score. That was the number of plays run from scrimmage in the third quarter on one series by the Chiefs and two drives by the Cardinals. The 25th play of those two drives came on the second play of the fourth quarter and resulted in a TD for Arizona.

The Cardinals came out of the locker room at halftime trailing the Chiefs 9-3. They started with an 80-yard drive for a TD and a 10-9 lead to begin the quarter. On the opening series of the half the Cardinals moved the ball well until a 3rd and 14. The Chiefs defense had held on that third and long but DE Eric Hicks hit Cards QB Jake Plummer late and was flagged for a personal foul. First down Cards. Later a TD. On the next possession a TD. On the next possession a TD. 24-9 Cards over Chiefs.

• • •

The Chiefs put forth a desperation effort to make an attempt to tie the game trailing by 15 points. In the 4th quarter they had a 2-play drive for 75 yards that resulted in a TD and left them trailing by 8.

They then had a miraculous 97-yard drive that left them at the Cards 1-yard line with a try for the win. Five seconds remained. Green threw the ball into traffic into the endzone the pass was intercepted and that was the game.

Don’t believe for a minute that’s where the game was lost. It was lost when the Chiefs ran up 232 yards in the first half and once again failed to produce a TD. Once the game was out of reach, the Chiefs offense finally woke up a bit and produced a TD. It was too little too late.

• • •

There are several problems glaring from the offense but let’s concentrate on what is produced on the field.

—Six straight games with no offensive TD’s in the first quarter.

—Three straight games with no offensive TD’s in the first three quarters.

—Two games with no offensive TD’s period.—0-4 in the red zone vs. the Cards.

—QB Trent Green’s 1-2 ratio of TD’s to interceptions.

Abysmal numbers.

• • •

Reading those stats it’s not hard to figure out why the Chiefs are in the AFC West cellar at 1-5. The personnel doesn’t fit the offense and the offense doesn’t fit the personnel.

The Chiefs seem to have found the one back they wish to use in Priest Holmes and he has given the team a solid season thus far. However he is not being utilized early in games and the offense is constantly playing catch up. It will likely get worse before it gets better as adjustments seem to be out of the question. What does this all mean?

—Hang on Chiefs fans—

The stubbornness shown so far in refusing to adjust may make this bumpy ride a possibility of a straight dive over a cliff and a season where a poor record is not the worst part.

That could be a lack of any progress on the offensive side of the ball and little to build on.